Watching Me Watching Me, Aha!

I got up and to the kitchen by 6:26 am this morning. It's now 6:48 am. What have I accomplished so far?

Well, I don't know how much I have actually accomplished, but it is interesting to watch what I consume before breakfast.

First job was to fire up the laptop and check Gmail, where there was a message from Shelagh, then sitting across the table from me, waiting. It was a link to a short video titled Danny MacAskill vs. San Francisco. Very cool, even if he shouldn't have blown through the intersection when there was a pedestrian in it. But, then again, I don't know who's got the right of way in SFO! Interesting that Remington would sponsor the video. Neat sound off the top.

Then, put some tea on. While the kettle was  heating, it was back to the laptop where I learned from a quick Facebook check that Susan Hennig and Corey McDonald liked my post to the CTV Edmonton FB page about a recent Paralympic blog post.

Then, a quick check of the blog readership:  Up to 77 visits to that Patrick Anderson post. Not bad, but not as good as, scrolling down,  the Rob Ford post, which was at 1300 readers.

Water was boiling, Earl Grey tea bag in the silver pot, and it was back to the laptop and quick Twitter check. What got my attention? A smile at a Carrie Doll tweet about CTV's Josh Classen doing the weather from home in his housecoat. But I don't turn the TV on yet, because a TIME magazine tweet took me to a story on three things we've learned after the first Sunday of the NFL.

1. RG III did about as good as you could imagine for a second-round draft pick. There will be a comparison between him and Andrew Luck, who threw three interceptions and lost a fumble,  for approximately the rest of their careers.

2. Speaking of quarterbacks, having Tebow breathing down Sanchez's neck might have spurred Sanchito into leading a Jets offensive attack into the 48-point stratosphere.

3. Speaking of labour pressure, replacement refs blew a couple of calls but showed they could do more than an adequate job.

A little milk, a little sugar.

I noticed that cbcarch had DM'd me, but, on closer inspection, it appeared his account had been hacked, so I sent him a quick message. Also on the Twitter feed was a reminder that today is suicide prevention day:

Its world suicide prevention day, let's create a world where its okay to speak out about mental illness 

Then I turned the TV on. And took a sip of the tea.

I noticed some weather information was likely old, so took a picture of the screen and emailed it in. But my phone's security settings needed updating, so the pic didn't go through. So, Shelagh did the same.

And then I realized I would probably have to get breakfast at work, because I was running out of time.


Note: Watching Me Watching Me, Aha! is a periodic chapter in this blog born of the observation that I am both typing these words, watching myself type these words, and, simultaneously, thinking about the meaning of watching myself type these words. The reference is to an old ABBA song that, yes, I have the time to post.


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