One of the joys and dangers of studying in the MACT program is that you start to feel scared enough to feel confident enough to fool around and try simple new things with technology. The danger is that you're not good enough not to spend most of your time fiddling around doing those things.

And, so, this morning I am proud to announce that, taken by the hand, I have managed to embed html vimeo code into my blog. Please, no applause.

This is not much, I know. Your basic 8 year old can do more. Asleep.

But it is a minor accomplishment for me, because of me. And how I get in the way with my pre-wired reaction that new things won't work. The effect of that kind of thinking (or that lack of thinking) is that I transform the machine in front of me into an antagonistic force working to undo me. But it does remind me of me when I attribute malevolence to the skies when they conspire to bring rain on a morning of golf!

Either way, that's bad storytelling.

On another level the embedded video is a victory not just in that I used Garage Band to compose the video, but that I chose to share it as part of my story in the big old mediaspere...

After figuring out how to use the Preview function!


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