The potential socialness of a bicycle is built right into its roofless and windshieldless and doorless frame. It is easy to say hello on a bicycle. Like this morning.

These sidewalkers nodded to me in unison at the exact instant I nodded to them.

I said hello to the jogger, and he waved back.

Hi, I said, to the dog walkers and the dog, and they nodded a greeting back.

Both joggers smiled and said hello as our lives passed.

I said hello to the squirrel.

I said hello to the woman walking with poles and she returned the hello.

The jogger looked over and I said hello as she said hello.

I said hello to this fellow egg picker upper and we talked for a couple of minutes. Her bicycle comes out April 1. She is excited.

Hello, I said.
Hi, she said.

I said hello to the  man on the other end of this leash and he said he and his dog were enjoying the beautiful morning.

I said hello to this woman and she said hello, and we laughed about her trying to keep up to the lively pup.

I said thankyou and hello to this couple as I threaded a line between them. The woman smiled and said hello.

I said hello to this couple and would they pull me to dry land if I didn't make it through the puddle. They said hello and that they would.

At the sound of my approaching bicycle, the woman turned back and said good morning as I said hello.

This man approached and we said hello, and he asked me if I worried my bike would get stolen. I said, yes. He said his batteries were recently stolen from his scooter. They are worth $400. He asked me why I thought people would steal things. We talked a bit about that. He said he thought the thieves weren't really after his mobility as much as money for drugs they could get for the batteries. We traded more observations about life and work. I enjoyed the conversation, and said the only good thing about his batteries being stolen was that we had a topic of conversation that brought us together. "That's not worth $400, but it's worth something," I said. He laughed and said have a good day.


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