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True Grid

There is a proposal afoot to build what city hall transportation poets call the minimum grid for physically separated bike lane infrastructure. In translation, it's a vision for a humane way for bicycle riders to move safely in the downtown core. And a more rational way for automobile drivers to experience bicycle riders. My friend Sandra suggested that I speak at the committee meeting yesterday where city councillors took a first crack at it. This is what I said. 

I'm Glenn Kubish. I'm a lifelong Edmontonian. I learned to ride a bicycle in Delwood in the proud northeast end. I'm now a taxpayer in Parkview in west Edmonton. I still ride my bike. I commute downtown by bicycle through four seasons of Edmonton weather. That makes me a bit of a diehard, according to some critics who would have you believe that because we get some snow, we all have to go inside. But that's an issue for another day. 
I reject that label, diehard. I think on my bicycle I'm very much a d…

Vision Zero Quiz #15

Today is the first anniversary of Edmonton city council's declaring us a Vision Zero city. Vision Zero commits its declarers to working towards a city that has zero traffic fatalities and zero serious injuries. To my ear, the year has been filled with the sound of nothing from politicians, with the exception of Councillor Scott McKeen. I see a lot of bus ads telling road users to respect each other and telling pedestrians to wear lit clothing. I am not a Vision Zero expert. I just thought we would see a little more creativity. Maybe year 2 will deliver that. Meanwhile, the lack of respect for pedestrians continues.

Date: Edmonton, September 22, 2016

Encounter: I am watching the pedestrian, slightly obscured behind the traffic barrier i the picture above,  standing on the corner of Jasper Ave and 101 St. The pedestrian is dutifully waiting for the green light before crossing east to west across 101 St. The light turns green. 

Your VisionZero question: Is the pedestrian's legal cro…

Vision Zero Quiz #14

I remember a hockey coach telling young players one early morning practice at Bill Hunter Arena (so early morning a practice that the stands were empty of parents) that how they practised when no one was watching was more important than how they played with everyone was. 

Date: Edmonton, September 21, 2016

Encounter: I am riding my bike westbound along 102 Ave near the old museum in Glenora. The light turns amber. I glance behind to see a pickup travelling westbound.

Your VisionZero question: Does the pickup driver, not yet visible in the picture above, slow down for the looming red, or gun it and blow through the light? 

Your VisionZero bonus question: Does the pickup driver manage to stay in his lane? 

As always, no wagering, please. 

Here is your answer: 

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Vision Zero Quiz #13

Crosswalks are where might and right intersect. That's why they are so important to watch. It's real-life democracy work.

Date: Edmonton, September 16, 2016

Encounter: I am walking in the lit crosswalk on 95A St at Grierson Hill. A pedestrian is walking toward me in the same crosswalk. There is a car to my left. 

Your VisionZero question: Does the  automobile driver in the picture above stop for the pedestrian or force the pedestrian to yield? 

As always, no wagering please.

Here is your answer. 

As always, thanks for playing along.