Bill Of Rides

Here are 10 things that I love about riding my bicycle. Now, I don't believe bicycles represent the final revolution. I do drive a car. But I feel way better when I'm on my bike. Together, these are the articles of my personal Bill of Rides.

1. When I ride, I get hungry. But I never think about cycling through a drive-thru fast food restaurant like I do, for some reason, when I am in a car. Instead, I think about home-cooked meals. And a glass of wine.

2. When I ride, I don't have a screen in front of me. We live in front of all kinds of screens: TV screens, computer monitors, smartphones. iPods. Smaller and smaller interfaces. On my bike, I look this way, that way, I look up, and I see a lot. I see big things like eternity, and little things like a pebble being spit up by my front tire. And none of it is framed.

3. When I ride, I wave and say or nod hello to other cyclists. Just because they are other cyclists. I don't do this in a car.

4. When I ride, I use my old Cannondale panniers from back in the 1980s. I got them when I still had that great Miyata 1000 that I toured through the Rockies on with my friends. You can stuff a lot of memories in those saddlebags.

5.  When I ride, I think about moving with the elements, not just through them. Hitting a headwind means different gears. Rain means different clothes. It's a challenge. It calls for technique.

6. When I ride, I get different thoughts. Better thoughts. I think about song lyrics, like Dylan's "What looks large from a distance, close up ain't never that big." And other stuff like that.

7. When I ride, I don't use gas stations or parking lots.

8. When I ride, I can sometimes see my shadow move across the trees. And that projection reminds me of the thrill of being in a movie theatre.

9. When I ride, I can travel along the river, not just over it.

10. When I ride, it's with Shelagh. And we have done together for what is closing in on three decades.


  1. Glen, it's Karly (the bike traffic reporter) and Peter (from CJSR's Full English Breakfast). We'd love to interview you on the show. Can you contact us at


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