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Welcome To Downtown Edmonton

I am, perhaps, reading way too much into four simple, oft-heard, even clichéd words, but when Mayor Don Iveson got up on the stage this morning and welcomed a few hundred charity bicycle riders to a charity bicycle ride before the Tour of Alberta race with "welcome to downtown Edmonton," I think he was doing more than greeting and indicating location.

 I didn't reach that perhapsed conclusion as he spoke. As he spoke, it was, honestly, just more of the usual usual.

But then something happened. Or, a few other people happened.

First, there was the guy who walked up to us as we watched from a City Centre pedway as, below,  the cyclists streamed by.

"What's happening here?" he grumbled.

Alex explained the Tour of Alberta to him. He listened and then offered this profundity: "And they
have to shut down the whole city for this?" He then shuffled away. Content.

Then, there was the woman on the street below who was unloading on a police officer who wou…