We were in Vancouver last month for the Springsteen concert, and, with a couple of extra hours to kill before show time, I showed our youngest son, Mike, the place where I used to live:  1516 Burnaby St. I brought a couple of black-and-white photos from that time and tried to better use the photographedmonton technique I discovered here.

This time it worked better, so I was happy about that. But I should have experimented with the now shot in colour for a different effect of the passage of time.

Then, Mike gave it a shot with a different photo from back in the day:

What I didn't realize until looking at the two now-and-then pics was the passage-of-time effect achieved by having my left hand turn into his. That will always be a thrill of my low level of photography: seeing what you didn't see at the time, even if it was right at your fingertips.


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