I'm gonna call it cyblorging, and we'll see where it takes me. Cyblorging: the act of blogging about cycling as captured on video.

And this is shaky, and attempt #1 didn't survive a UMG music license challenge, but you get the picture. I got the video by thinking like a cyborg and putting an iPhone 4 into my ski goggles that were attached to the top of my bike helmet. (It's minus too cold C here today, but you gotta move through it!) It's a primitive mounting system, and the video isn't great, but it does capture the sense of cycling in a wooded ravine and emptying out on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River on a stunningly vivid Christmas Eve day in Edmonton.

For me, it's always been thrilling to move through a corridor and out into an open area. I suppose I first experienced it as a minor hockey player walking down the rubbered ramp hallway of Grand Trunk Arena and then out into the brilliant lights and the diamond ice.

Walk through the low, dark, concrete ribs of a baseball stadium and then on to the top of a stairwell where you first glimpse the glorious green of the playing field, and you get that same thrill.

I expect an actor feels the same rush walking from the wings to the stage.

Cycling Highway 1A from Banff to Lake Louise delivers the same birth of joy, a little piece of which comes back to mind and heart during the 4-minute drop from the top of Ramsay Ravine to the river.


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