Weight, Weight, Don't Tell Me!

This morning, overheard in the locker room, was a meditation on the saying that you can't change what you can't measure. The gentlemen were talking about losing weight. One offered that it was time to get back in weight-lose mode.

His friend came up with an unexpected response. "The worst thing I ever did in terms of gaining pounds was to stop measuring my weight," he said. "I mean, I went from 185 to 210 just because I stopped getting on the scale."
The causality is suspect, of course. Our friend did not gain weight because he stopped tipping the Toledo. He gained weight because he stopped exercising, stopped eating properly, stopped sleeping enough. But there is a real sense to what our weight-gainer was suggesting. Without data, we have a harder job of knowing where we are. Without a measure, we have a harder time stopping time and analyzing its effects.   And without those numbers, we have less chance of hearing a voice telling us to change our lowdown weighs.


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