Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

This is the fourth time I have tried to write this sentence about not getting things right the first time. The first time it it started with It's amazing that....That got backspaced out of existence when I realized what is amazing is how many times some part of me wants to launch a sentence, a thought with those words. The second attempt made it as far as the word sentence, which I spelled srtence.  Delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete. The next change happened when it became things. And then fourth became the fourth word of the sentence.

My only point is I rarely get things right the first time. And by things, I mean just about anything.

I didn't see the arrow between the E and the x in the FedEx logo until it was pointed out to me.

If I try to build anything, repair anything, my first technique will be wrong.

              My first prediction about the severity of Sandy? Not quite right.

              Try to run without IT band pain? Won't work the first time.

Let's say I'm in a gentle argument with Shelagh. Crazy, I know. But  what I do know is the first thing I say will be wrong.                            

This afternoon, more proof of the law wrongevity as I rode home from Revolution Cycle on new winter tires. I had forgotten that I would be given back the summer tires, and, with Michael safely on his automobile ride back home, I would have to haul them back while sitting in the saddle. In the scheme of things, agreed, not an epic engineering task.

I threw the spare tires over my shoulder and wore them like a rubber sash. And that worked until they slid forward and hit my left thigh, and that didn't work. What did I do? The same thing over and over again, and over and over again the tires slid forward and interfered with my pedalling by bouncing off my thigh.

I don't know how I figured out that a better way to transport the tires would be to position them so that they were anchored by my shoulders, but that did the trick. A small innovation born from somewhere after the same error produced the same results.

There is a deeper message here somewhere, but, for me, it's a reminder of a couple of things, one of which I have already forgotten. But the other point is that I get things wrong the first time, and I shouldn't be overly attached to the first version of anything. And that there should be a second and third version.

And fourth. Measure before cutting. That kind of stuff.

And that the letters W-R-O-N-G rearranged are NOWRG. Delete, delete, delete, delete, delete. Make that GROWN.


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