Dear Frank

Here is the latest in a periodic series of emails I have written to famous musicians.

Dear Frank, 

Frank Turner
Hello from Edmonton, Canada. From a dining room table in a house in a little bungalow in a west end neighbourhood of Edmonton, Canada. Where just now, thanks to your music, a neat little scene in the history of fathers and sons unfolded. 

Michael is our youngest son. He's a big fan of yours. As I type that last sentence the cliche alarm goes off. Big fan of yours. What that really means is he is a thoughtful, sensitive teenager in North America at a time when nobody with the money and power to get images in his head really gives a shit about him. And because he instinctively knows that, your music gets through.

And to us. 

Through his bedroom door as he sings and strums your music. From the laptop as he shares your music. 

Just now we listened to Nashville, Tennessee together. And talked about knowing who you are, where you're from, what your voice is when that knowledge and that voice go to other places, are informed and altered by travel and new sounds and new people. And how music is an  offering. 

But I'm not a songwriter, so I'll stop. I'm a father. And I know in my bones how vital it is to find good things to be able to talk about with my sons. Michael and I talk about Frank Turner music. 

And I love it that he brought your music to the table. 

Thanks very much. 


PS. We'd love to buy you a beer next time you are through this way. 

And the first time I've gotten a response:

Frank Turner
Apr 28 (2 days ago)
to me
hey glenn
thanks for the mail and the kind words, your mail genuinely brightened up my day. i should be back through edmonton in the fall, big north american tour coming. see you both then.


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