Highway 2

It's the shortest route between two points, the two points being Edmonton and Calgary, the route being Highway 2. Or the Queen Elizabeth II Highway. Or The Deuce. And though it's short, there is a sense on it of the interminable. A sense that there is nothing to see. And, in a sense, that is true. Or, perhaps, there is nothing to see but things that don't seem to care if you're there. Like the obliterating blue sky.

There are other things that get your attention.

:05 - The split second of being under an overpass is a shadowland.

:13 - Looking east and east and east. East was toward 66 Street and we were taught to remember that because the Shell service station had an e in Shell.

:17 - Duct tape to the rescue!

:19 - My travelling companion of 26 years.

:24 - The Crossfield Esso can be a pretty windy stop. Looking at it I imagine looking back at us going by.

:33 - Charolais statue. It's the same pun all evert time: Charolais Angels.

:38 - Semi shoots back crap. Wipers. Ypres.

:49 - My travelling companion. We tend to take these driving profiles.

:55 - Big hill makes vehicles look like bytes of information.

:59 - A train is like a sentence of words. Explosive words. Miranda rights.

1:13 - Traffic sign above says home is ahead. Those signs are a thrill if you are in Vegas and you see one that reads Salt Lake City. Lots of reading to be done on a highway.

1:16 -  Cops nab speeder in highway still life.

1:18 - Big sky out back window.

1:21 - Tow truck helps.

1:30 - Welcome To Edmonton. Kinda underwhelming welcome.

1:34 - Flyover. Mathematical equation come to life.

1:43 - Ground view.

1:50 - Talus Dome means we're in a city where there's a public art budget.

1:55 - My travelling companion. Highway two of us. Two of us going nowhere....

Moral of the story? There's plenty to see. And see new.


  1. You say you got nowhere that you're going to/Can I go nowhere with you?


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