Sitting at the intersection of 109 St and 87 Ave

That is my old Miyata Six Ten leaning against the trash can. This is my fave piece of sidewalk.

Behind the white chair I’m sitting on is Transcend Coffee, and behind and below Transcend Coffee is Pharos Pizza. Great Popeye there. 

Pharos sat on the corner of 109 St and 87 Ave, and it was west along 87 Ave that we would take Sunday drives with my grandfather in his 1965 Ford Custom. When motoring mattered. He would take us through the University of Alberta campus. Years later, I got glimpses of Athens and Jerusalem there. I saw Shelagh in Dewey’s there. 

South down 109 St was Miami Pizza. We’d take food back to J + M’s place and listen to Neil Young. 

Across 109 St sits the building that housed the restaurant I had breakfast in the morning Shelagh and I got married. I think. I can’t remember what it was called. Thirty years ago this summer. 

To the left of the restaurant building and back 45 years or so was the Kinsmen golf course on the other side of Walterdale Hill. We’d bus out there from the northeast end with our pitching wedges and try to shape shots. 

Back again on my side of 109 St, the High Level Diner. I had breakfast there with Tegan and Mowat the morning her plan to paint bridges and his plan to light a bridge came together. Next door is Redbike. I listened there to Cliff explain farming and the authority of the calendar in Edmonton. Just to my left, the Garneau Theatre. I heard Janette Sadik-Khan there. 

This morning I don't feel wise and much as counterclockwise.


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