Three New Words

Here, in the latest instalment in an occasional series, are three new words ready to be sent into the world.


        Far away from other people, especially those neighbours from whom one could borrow tools for minor home repairs were it not for the foreboding of connection, entanglement.  

In this tweet, isolathe-d Edmonton author Todd Babiak displays modern predicament


        A curbside depression or hollow in a road surface caused by wear or subsidence that removes sense of agency from commuter cyclists whose alternatives as they pass over are to hit curb, hit hole or swerve closer to passing automobile traffic. 

One of many despotholes facing cyclists on 100 Ave in Edmonton


          Display names of soldiers as a large number of small pixels on a television monitor, typically in order to summon the presence of the absent on Remembrance Day, as in video below from ATB Place in Edmonton.


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