Classic Alex!

I am putting this in the blog so I don't forget the question I texted to eldest son Alexander tonight.

And the answer I got back about 20 minutes later. 

I asked Alex about margin because I am working on a presentation that hinges on a creative handling of the word marginalization. On my own, I had made an etymological connection between "margin" and "margarine," but Alex advised that was "flimsy" and, moreover, "false."

Why I thought I could venture out all on my own when we have a son trained in classics at the University of Alberta is beyond me. Actually, it's pretty much all beyond me.

A classics degree is not the most obvious path to take in a technocratic, careerist world, but our technocratic, careerist world needs classics kids. We need their perspective, their long view, their commitment to learning and accuracy and the concepts the gird public life.

Gratias tibi agimus, Alex.

With Alex, in classical times


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