Weekend in Jasper

We are back from the Jasper Park Lodge. This was Lac Beauvert being mirror to the mountains. Here are some other stills.

The air was very clear as we moved through the Obed heights.

The Hinton Eye.

A roadside traffic sign blinked Sharp Shoulders at the instant Andy Maize sang My shoulder still burns...
My shoulder does still burn. Shelagh drove there and back.

Approaching Jasper is a joy in any season. We kept asking ourselves this time if we were just imagining the sky was brighter. It seemed vision went farther. The air was brilliant.

The bar at the lodge. Two pints of Village Blonde. I looked for shapes in whatever the term is for the beer residue inside the glass. I saw a coyote nosing a buffalo skull. What does this mean?

Fur remained fashionable.

This was a pic of the watery mountains and trees and moon flipped to appear to be the things and not the reflections.

We stayed  put. We didn't hike. We didn't walk. We didn't go to a movie. We just sat there and watched the light change. We talked to people. We noticed things. Like the Dutchie tattoo on our server's arm. She lived in Holland.

We sat at the bar and watched The Nature of Things, sound down. The show was about elephants in Kenya. Unlike other herd creatures, they are thick-skinned.

Why do we frame natural beauty? Why is it pretty as a postcard? Why do scenes remind us of movies? Why do we say,  that looks like a painting? Because artifice is natural for us.

Nobody comes to the JPL for the brick sidewalks.

But the brick sidewalks help to deliver the view. Infrastructure goes unseen.

Buddy in the background is replacing bricks. He knocks sand off their faces by clapping them together. The percussion performance delivers me back to music class in Grade 6.

Really lichen Maligne Canyon.

The canyon grottos reminded me of the giant concrete cavities near the Quesnell Bridge in Edmonton.

Bud, light.

I read the letters backward. E-V-O-L-


We picked up some German, Scottish and Canadian hitchhikers. We helped them get back down to the townsite. They helped lower the average age of people in this photo. 


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