A little bike ride in Edmonton

Today was the perfect day for a little bike trip along the downtown network in sunny Edmonton.

I enjoy the view of the towers from the 105 Ave path near 110 St. I have long felt that bicycle riders, not sealed under roof and behind glass, have a special relationship with the road. Bicycle forks sing the rhythm of the road into the bones of the city rider. It's a kind of rock music.

105 Ave

From 110 St, the bicycle rider can reflect on the passage of things as traffic streams by MacEwan University. The railroad used to be there. 

110 St

On 103 St, the trees are in photosynthesis overdrive. Street and trees and people. That's what cities are made of. Or, if streets are, as they are, unimaginable without trees, then cities are made of streets and people. Artifice and nature. Dirt, bark, leaf, concrete, asphalt, steel, glass, rebar, rubber, wood, brick, stucco, polyvinyl chloride, dreams, hopes, blood, bones. And good dogs. 

103 St

And people. 
We met Mark on the Jasper Avenue.


And Claire on 100 Avenue.


We hung around 100 Ave for a bit, wondering if David Byrne might pedal by. He is in concert tomorrow in Edmonton, and, hey, you won't find if you don't seek.

100 Ave

No, no David Byrne sighting. But, still, a lovely spin around the downtown network on a sunny and windy market day in Edmonton. 

102 Ave


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