Clouds in the river

Monday will bring the Monday question from work friends: "Whajadoo this weekend?"

I want to remember that I stood on the riverbank in the MacKinnon Ravine at the turn of the path up to the first of the three inclines on the way to the 142 St bridge and waited and watched for 11 minutes while ice chunks big and small in the river made the lazy turn around the bend and floated by toward the Groat Bridge. They looked like clouds in the murky sky of water.

As I started watching, this was the view:

2:49 pm

It took five minutes for the sheet of ice to float to the edge of the shadowline of the watery trees:

2:54 pm

And then five minutes more for the cloud of ice to get here:

2:58 pm

I scooted down the riverbank to watch the floe glide by:

2:49 pm

Show me the boy who doesn't want to run into the sky:


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