Winter Ride

It is a good morning when the set designers escape and run around the city doing their stuff. More hoarfrost! More fog! More winter!

I would have gotten to work 10 minutes before I did if I didn't keep stopping to take pictures. As I look at them know, the pictures are okay, but also disappointing. Kind of dull, actually. Certainly no match for what I felt as I stopped to take them. I realize I am a bad photographer. I photograph what I see outside, only to realize later that I was actually trying to make stand still what I felt inside. What would a photo from a camera that shot back into the shooter as he shot out look like? I wonder. Maybe a written sentence.

Nevertheless, here are some pictures of scenes that made me stop and notice and even notice that I was noticing. It was a remarkable morning, as all mornings are when I feel happy to be alive and working my bicycle through this weather.

McKenzie Ravine treetops, fog

MacKinnon Ravine, fog cloaks skyline

Hoarfrost, blue sky

Black, white

Ravine path

Cars glide on film of light

Steeple and pile of snow

The thought kept coming back that this was all as beautiful as a painting or a postcard or a photograph, or a movie set. But I think that is to do violence to the beauty. It is beautiful in some part because it cannot be contained by frame or set or sentence. It is good to ride through it and be grateful in the time I somehow have to ride through it. 


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