Hey, good cookin!

We eat well in our little house in west Edmonton. And we eat happy, too.

Shelagh in her ktichen

This is because Shelagh is a great cook. I didn't understand kitchens until I experienced Shelagh's. I mean, it's a like a master carpenter's workshop. Where you eat the woodwork.

She is inspired by Molly Yeh, Melissa Clark, Christopher Kimball, Yotam Ottolenghi, Lucy Waverman, Diana Henry, and Lynne Rossetto Kasper. And by Mrs, Timeus, who made brown soup when Shelagh was a girl. And by her mother, Phyllis, who made roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, and everything else.

We're inspired by her.

Shelagh's kitchen is also a kind of studio. She provides commentary on good things as she cooks, and reacts to the food as it takes shape.

I've picked up these insight scraps over the last few months. Here is some found poetry from Shelagh's kitchen, in her own words:

Nothing really smells like brown sugar.Is there anything better than a lime?Is there anything better than a lemon?I love parmesan cheese.Look at an onion. just look at it. I love the smell of cilantro.It’s the smell of mushrooms. I have discovered the mushrooms are the key!I love mint. The smell of mint. That’s it.Can you smell the squash? It smells great.  Wow, smell that! Wow. Fresh basil. My gosh, the smells coming out of this roast are unreal. It’s so pretty. Flaky salt is the best.When you come upstairs you can smell the herbs.I just love chives. Snipping them on! They’re pretty. Like a palm tree.And THAT is what a vanilla bean smells like!I mean, really, who doesn’t love a shallot?I forgot about the carrots. Nice carrots.Oh, man, I love the smell of curry powder. Is there anything better than an orange? Wow, the smell of graham crumbs!It smells good in here. I love the sound of pouring coffee! Chives. The smell of chives. I am not going to skimp on chives. I find pomegranates amazingly magical. Look at all the roasted tomatoes! So pretty! I love how beads of water form on cut vegetables. It's like sparkles of snow. All this sugar and butter smells good.

I write all of this with yesterday's New Year's Eve dinner in my memory. Steak frites from America's Test Kitchen and roasted butternut squash and red onions from Ottolenghi. Just lovely.

Cookies tonight are from Shelagh via Dorie Greenspan. :)

Shelagh's kitchen books


  1. I love this, Glenn! I laughed reading Shelagh's quotes: I have spoken many of those lines myself. That is a lovely glimpse into the life of a Food Fan. One who is filled up by the smell alone of a beautiful herb. I can relate! It's a wonderful thing to have a person in your life whose relationship to food provides a love language for those in your circle. Loved this!
    Happy New Year!

    1. Wow, thanks for reading the post! I agree, the quotes are gold. A love language, I really like that. It's probably the language we need.

  2. Can you imagine all 6 of us in the kitchen with our Mom supervising? It would be heavenly.


  3. Replies
    1. I have heard a lot about the brown soup and Sean over the years!


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