VisionZero Quiz #11

The crosswalk on 103 Ave at 124 St is aptly named. Cross yourself. Then walk.  It can be a religious experience to get to the other side.

Date: Edmonton, August 17, 2016

Encounter: I have pushed the crosswalk light, looked up to confirm the overhead lights are indeed flashing, and then started across the street, having played the VisionZero Quiz here many times before, tentatively. 

Your VisionZero question: How many motorists moving north to south (right to left in the video frame) proceed obliviously through the crosswalk? 

As always, no wagering please.

Here is your answer:

Thanks, as always, for playing along.

Today's adventure has suggested a simple, foolproof nine-step process to get across this weird intersection safely. The steps, in the pic below, are: 1. Push crosswalk button 2. Wait, look both ways 3. Proceed cautiously 4. Stop to allow vehicle through 5. Proceed cautiously 6. Stop for another vehicle 7. Proceed cautiously 8. Give thanks 9. Be ready to repeat.


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