Vision Zero Quiz #12

It's a lottery win to get through crosswalks safely in Edmonton. Today's life-and-death game features a lit pedestrian walk light and two automobile drivers who have to figure out what a red light means in real time. 

Date: Edmonton, August 22, 2016

Encounter: I have pushed the crosswalk light on 135 St that stops traffic east and west along 102 Ave. The little lit man tells me I have the right of way. But a big man behind a revving engine tells me I should think twice about stepping out. 

Your VisionZero question: Which automobile driver in the picture above obeys the traffic laws? 

As always, no wagering please.

Here is your answer:

One more VisionZero question: Which insurance company has enough risk appetite to cover that driver? 

Okay, one more: How do VisionZero ads on the back of buses stop this driver?

Thanks for playing along.


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