Saturday Morning Coffee...Mug

Saturday morning coffee is a mug's game.

Behind only, Do I get out of bed? and How did they possibly insert that old guy in the mirror?, the foggy question, Which coffee mug do I use? is the most important question of the grizzled day.

I have a few favourites to hold onto.

The Picasso cup reminds me of the day Shelagh told me about the flower in the Guernica painting. Was it, too, a casualty of the war, or was it the first sign of regeneration?

 This is a true mug mug. It comes from the Lincoln Memorial. Speaking of civil war.

 I use this mug on Friday mornings when the Coffee Outside bicycle riding gang gets together to drink coffee outside and talk about bicycle riding. There is a certain circularity to our time together. The Sprocket Podcast sticker gives it some Portland charm.

Wait, Wait!
We were already out of the Chase Bank building in downtown Chicago after watching a live recording of the wonderful Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me!, the NPR quiz show, when we walked back in to get this souvenir. Coffee mugs hold memories.

Caffe Vita is at 4301 Fremont Avenue North in Seattle. I found it on a lazy bicycle ride. It was a sunny day. We're going to go back soon and maybe do some crossword puzzles.

A young Shelagh bought this for a young Glenn on a trip to Toronto in the young days. It is chipped and cracked beautifully.

Inside this Rapha mug is a part of the infamous quote from bicycle racer Henri Pélissier: "In short, we run on dynamite." Even though I know the words are sitting there beneath the coffee, it's a thrill to see them reveal themselves at the last sip. I had favourite plastic milk glass as a boy I played that silent game with. The mug is gentle on the thumb.

These are some of the mugs that have kept their hold on me.

On TV this morning it's the start of the Tour de France from La Manche. The sun is shining there and shining eight hours behind here. It is a good morning to use the time for coffee in a mug.



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