Vision Zero Quiz #7

The intersection at 97 St and 132 Ave is big. If vehicles with the advance light don't stop advancing, they eat into the time that walking citizens have in the crosswalk. This is routinely dangerous.

Date: Edmonton, July 2, 2016

Encounter:  I am looking back at the intersection to see three pedestrians waiting for the walk light to indicate they have the right of way.

Your VisionZero question: How many vehicles don't stop advancing, forcing the pedestrians to dutifully wait, decreasing the already short time they have under cover of the walk signal?

As always, no wagering please.

Here is your answer:

To my untrained eye, three vehicles move from outside the crosswalk to inside the crosswalk while the pedestrian signal shows walk. The east-to-west moving pedestrians are forced to wait, meaning they don't get even halfway across the intersection before the flashing hand appears,

Forced is the word. Enough of this might is right.

Thanks, as always, for playing along.


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