Late night thoughts while listening to Simon and Garfunkel and thinking about the pandemic, science, etc

Hello, doctor, our best friend
You've come to talk with us again
To share your mission for our safekeeping
In an Internet public health meeting
Your prescription that gets planted in our brains
Must remain
To confound the COVID virus
We clean our hands, we scrub our phones
In it together, though alone
Every afternoon at 3:30
We watch you show us coolly and calmly
A way ahead that's lit by the flash of scientific light
Facts in black and white
To confound the COVID virus 
In a happy dream I saw
Groups of 15, but no more
People walking while they're distancing
People hearing 'cause they're home working
People walking dogs, people jogging up the stairs
Sixfeetapart, and aware
Of how best to disturb the COVID virus
The fools are those who will not know
Who bellow "up is down" and "yes is no"
The schools are now closed but we learn from you
How logic can still be our best guide through
How reasoned words have the power to contain
And then end the reign
Of the COVID virus 
Now it's again that time of day
Where you live-stream what you have to say
While the road signs flash out their warnings
A virtual public is around you forming
Your knowledge means the words of the doctors are echoed
Down at city halls
And on Facebook walls
As we hear the the sounds of science


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