May 23, 2019

This morning's bike ride downtown was nothing extraordinary. But there were some things worth noticing.

The big tree on 101 Ave was all in at the photosynthesis roulette table. On green.

At the shared use path trailhead, I felt like a spoke in a fancy dance.

My friend Brian suggested Strauss.

I said hello to a pedestrian heading south.

I said hello to a magpie heading north.

I correctly predicted that the white Uber would right hook across my path.

I heard 10,000 Maniacs.

I waved to Karly, who I count among my bicycling friends.

I said hello to Jason as we arrived at Edmonton Tower.

My morning had unfolded nicely.

The day took unique turns. I guided Milan to City Centre Mall. He had a stroke three years ago. He was off to buy razors.

I took a photograph from 1978 back to the exact place I took it on a Kodak Instant Camera as a 14-year-old kid. I loved that camera.

I told the story to Eric and Brad from the Westin.

Also, I ate the first two caterpillars of my life. From Botswana. Via Rinkie.

Thanks to all who crossed my path today.


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