+12°C on the Oliverbahn

Pedalling the Oliverbahn* on a day the temperature reached +12°C in Edmonton (two weeks after the temperature anchored down at -25°C  in Edmonton) means you can expect to encounter some different clothing decisions.

Do you cover your ears? This guy did. Vintage ear muffs, to boot.

Jackets zipped up or down? This pair were open to the double-digit day.

Vest or sleeves down the arms? This guy didn't chew long over the question.

While this buddy bet long on sleeves.

In the skins-and-shirts partition, this person chose both. 

There were a team of Mr. Ts out there today.

*The Oliverbahn is a 13-block stretch of protected bicycle lane west of downtown Edmonton from which the pedaller can observe the human beings of Oliver.


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