The sun this morning

I was a bit late for the 8:15 am team meeting this morning. I blame the sun.

I was quite on time as I pedalled across the 142 St bridge over the MacKinnon Ravine Bridge, the bars of which, as you can see, were painted with faint brushstrokes of delicate pink. Off and above to the right, the sun appeared through the spruce trees like a teenager sneaking home dazed in the morning, trying a little too hard to not attract attention.

But there it was. The sun. 93 million miles never felt so close.

I kept my eyes on it as I rode toward the end of bridge, and then looked ahead again as I got ready to turn right onto Ravine Drive. Then I felt the brakes bite. I stopped, got off my bike and walked back 20 paces along the bridge.

This was the river of traffic my bike saw while I headed back against the flow:

This is what I saw:

I stood there amazed.

Back on my bike, I spun onto Ravine Drive and was greeted by the sun between two spruce trees where last week there was no sun between two spruce trees.

I can't stop again, I said out loud. I'm already late. I blame the sun. It was right on time. 


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