Jasper bruin company

"There's your bear," Shelagh said this morning.

We were driving up to Miette, it was raining a little, and, there, right there, in the ditch off to the right, was a trundling bear. We stopped just ahead and looked back as the bear ambled out of the ditch and across the yellow line and into the woods on the other side.

We drove on a few hundred metres until we could safely turn around and then drove back looking, hoping to see it again.

We did.

It's usually good enough for me not to stop for wildlife beyond slowing down to pass safely. That's what we had done the evening before, coming back from Jasper, as a shaggy mountain goat stepped down a rock face.

But we had to stop for a bear. The poet says it just don't get no better than a bear. 


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