102 Ave Multi Use Path, Winter Snow

This is the first winter of the multi-use path along 102 Ave in Glenora. Between Original Joe's and Glenora School there are approximately 33 houses, two bridges, one school and one vacant lot that front on the new, wider path. There is a variety of approaches to moving the snow along this stretch of pathway.

The portion of path next to the school was clear.

A narrow path had been shovelled here.

The method left a kind of tributary of path from the gate to the artery.

The sidewalk that faces the street was cleared, but the multi-use path is under thin snow.

The bridge deck was scraped.

Here a chunk of pathway was visible, a kind of concrete bridge from the avenue to the private property.

Here, another sliver.

Here, the approximate width of a conventional sidewalk was shovelled.

The entire path was cleaned here.

This remained au naturel.

The bridge was bare.

I present these photos for science only. No judgment is implied. 


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