Picture Perfect Sentence

It may well be the true home of all the blessed is arranged systematically in the shape of an immense white rose with God in a heaven of pure light beyond time and space, but the feeling of a black bug smashing into my left cheekbone while riding my bicycle under blue sky, on asphalt, by blowing grass on Highway 43 just short of the turnoff to Alberta Beach at about 1:15 pm is the perfect that I can touch—judging by touch as we material witnesses do. 

Or, on video review:



  1. Funnily enough, I share a bug experience there too, from when I rode that leg. About five years back, there was a grasshopper plague. The shoulder was 'gravelled' with hoppers, and the creatures would instantly leap up in automatic fear the moment our bikes' shadows fell upon them. That resulted in a moving pulse of airborne hoppers travelling like a bow wave just ahead of my bike. They pinged off my spokes, seemingly unharmed, though the odd one did crunch under the tires. A good excuse to wash and lube the machine afterwards!

    1. What a vivid memory, complete with ping and crunch!!!


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