The People In My Neighbourhood

These are people I saw and talked to on my bicycle ride home today. Some seem to know where they are going, some don't. These are the people in my neighbourhood.

I saw a man walking with a single crutch.

I watched while a woman in a lumberjack cape and Spider Man toque walked by.

I caught a glimpse of a man walking on the sidewalk while his running shoes, tied to his backpack, bounced behind.

I heard the oracle. This man sitting on the bench outside 7-11 told me: "You look tired. You are not as strong as you used to be. But you have never been faster."

I said hello to two other cyclists.

I could hear this person talking to the pay parking machine.

The man slightly visible on the left of this pic said hey as I said hi.

I met a car driver who hailed me. 

The driver was lost and needed to get back to Southgate.

 "Don't take the Whitemud exit west and don't take Terwillegar, and you'll be fine," I said.

And then I saw a boy made taller by his father as they worked on the truck battery.


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