A Ride Of Note

Under the right influence, pedalling along the grid of Edmonton streets can make the bicycle rider feel more than a bit like a musical note.

And the right influence was in the air last night as we joined an Edmonton Bicycle Commuters ride to the Winspear Centre for a night of Gershwin music.

It's an annual event, but the first time riding with Shelagh that I felt part of a dotted (helmeted) half note. The women on the tandem were two joined eighth notes. The dude on the folding bike? A definite sixteenth note. Together, we rolled adagio along the measured blocks of the city, resting at lights, talking to each other, read by folks on the sidewalk as time took us by.

I added a few lyrics:

Kickin the clouds away with a nicely composed group, including George and Ira!
Chris Chan composed the ride to the Winspear Centre in the key of B icycle.
We headed home happy in Edmonton

as a way to say thank you to the musical folks on the ride I moved along with.

When we rode home after the music, we rode with the smell of rain on the pavement.


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