Dear Brett Miles

Dear Brett,

I had a good day.

It started unexpectedly with a tweet from you. You speak a lot through your music, and I've heard a lot about you for a long time, my wife, Shelagh, being a McAnally. Maybe you were talking about yourself, maybe you were talking about someone else, but you succeeded in getting through to me with this:

Its hard to be patient, happy, relaxed, & hunky dorry when one is constantly in pain. If u have good health don't let anything bug u 2day!!!

We lost in overtime in the U of A's pond hockey tier two championship at Varsity Field this afternoon, but there was a lot in the other side of the scale.

We started the day together under an Alberta blue sky and a clean sheet of ice.

Wide open
We went for breakfast at Artisan and three of us had huevos rancheros. And we told oldtimer hockey stories, like the time I got locked outside the arena in Vegas while my digestive system unsuccessfully dealt with a case of food poisoning. (Don't eat the beets and shrimp from the brunch at Harrah's). Or the time I was detained by hotel security on suspicion of distributing pornography to guest suites. (Don't take the stairwell at the Monte Carlo). We laughed.

Open wide
In one of the games we won today, we got to play against a dude who almost beat us single-handedly, leading Mitch to marvel at the pure hockey talent that you see in the most unexpected places.

Before the final, we went for beer and wings together at O'Byrne's and watched golf from Pebble Beach. More stories, more laughs. Maybe they were the same stories. But they're always new laughs.

Our youngest son, Mike, came out to play with us again today. You met him one night when he was volunteering at the Yardbird Suite.

'Til we bleed again
Shelagh, wearing her green and gold tocque with pom poms, came out to watch the final.

We played our hardest. Kelly got cut blocking a shot.

We talked about getting some of the old guys together again and maybe travelling to Minnesota next year for a crack at the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships.

We walked away in a good kind of pain.

I had a good day. Thanks, Brett.

We were close, boys


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