Early morning thoughts on rainbows, bicycles, email...

This picture captured me this morning.

The elements came together. Rainbow, shining birds, stormy and clear sky, light, dark, river, bicycle, the University of Alberta, a man with orange hat, arms crossed, standing in witness. In the bottom right corner a kind of shadow signature.

I thought: How lovely it is to know how to ride a bicycle so that you can easily stop riding a bicycle and stand and watch a rainbow when your heart tells you to stop and watch a rainbow.

I took the picture and then took a chance.

"Hello," I said to the man with the orange hat.  He took an earbud out of his right ear.  "Hi. I took a pic and you might like it and if you do, here, take my phone and email it to yourself."

He looked at the picture and smiled and said wow or that's cool and he took the offered device and entered his email address. While this was was happening, my friend Maryanne recorded the scene of two men, two rainbows, one phone.

The man in the orange hat said thank you three times and we shook hands. I walked back to the gazebo in Faraone Park (today is Friday so it was Coffee Outside in the park with my bicycling and walking friends) and watched as the man in the orange hat got on his bike and rode away, tapping his heart as he pedalled by.

What was he thinking about? A love? A lost love? A promise? A broken promise? A joy? A pain? A plan? Nothing?

I posted the original pic on Twitter.

Later in the morning, this email from the man in the orange hat dropped in.

Yes, I did have an amazing and fantastic day. The rainbow was spectacular. So is a camera.
So is email.


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