Guest Blog: This Is The Year!

My friend Robin Stevenson is one of the bright, believing band. She is a Chicago Cubs fan. And this is a precious time of year for her. It is the day before Opening Day, and that means the Cubs have yet to open new ways to excite and entertain and, then, ultimately, disappoint her in some newly devised, hardly imaginable way to disappoint her! A couple of weeks ago at work a few of us had to tell short stories about ourselves. Robin spoke openly about her affection for Wrigley's boys of summer. And the beautiful game of baseball. I enjoyed her words. Here they are. 

This is why I love baseball.

I have loved baseball since I was around ten years old. I love it because you can understand the basics of the game fairly easily. You can see how powerful a home run is by the crack of the bat and how far the ball travels. You can see how graceful and athletic a diving catch is. It is dramatic even in its simplest form.

But here’s the thing: I have learned something new about the game every season since I
became interested. It is full of subtleties that turn into dramatic moments.

Robin's view from home
For example, on the surface a no-hitter could be considered boring because no one is getting
on base or scoring a run. But if  you know a little more, you marvel at the “zone” the pitcher is in and how exciting and tense the last 3 outs in the 9th inning are.

There is a saying that hope springs eternal. It means hoping for the best, even in the face of

That is especially true if you are a Chicago Cubs fan.  They have not won a World Series since 1908. This is 107 years. And that is a long time.

Baseball can break your heart or fill you with hope.

Being a Cubs fan, I can tell you, my heart has been broken. The twists of fate have been hard to
comprehend. However, this spring I am aglow with hope. Aglow.  This is the year.

Aglow with hope


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