Three New Words

Here are three new words now ready to be sent into the world!


       The sense of the protective care of God, nature, or alcohol as a spiritual power during a live comedy performance in which the technique of making up the scene and dialogue on the spot is employed.

In this pic from the Sherwood Park News, comedians Donovan Workun, Mark Meer, 
and Graham Neil surrender to the embrace of improvidence


        Written works, especially those of stylized nature and of superior and enduring artistic merit, or not, describing the fast-food detritus thrown from passing vehicles in national parks by idiots willing to leave crap in their bodies but not the crap it comes in in their cars and trucks.

This tweet is an example of litternature


         The expression of one's stated meaning in exhorting colleagues to not use the reply-to-all email feature, by innocently using the reply-to-all email feature to send a reply to colleagues. (Those receiving replyronic emails are advised to smile off the intrusion, and those sending them to laugh off the mistake.)

In this artifact, the email sender is
participating in high replyrony :)


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