New Arrival: The Eradicated Bike Lane Musette!

I did have more words for those on Edmonton city council who smudged over, ripped out, de-signed, and washed away any physical memory of the bike lanes on 95 Ave, but, really, we don't need more words. We need more style.

So, instead, I ordered a fashionable EBL (Eradicated Bike Lane) protest musette. And it just arrived!

EBL (eradicated bike lane)  musette
Made from recycled curtains, the striped cotton musette features a pink webbing shoulder strap and in its composition underlines the need for colour and diversity in the way a city decides its citizens will move.

Safety reflective strip and historical note
A two-tone asphalt-coloured reflective strip is set at an angle across the hypnotic black and white bars of the pouch. Under the hypotenuse beam, and stencilled in steel grey acrylic paint, nervously sits the number 95, a weatherproof reminder of the west end avenue where bike lanes once ran next to automobile lanes.

A handsome black snap keeps contents secure and allows the musette wearer to achieve a degree of closure.

Interior pocket
The musette opens to reveal a customized story pocket perfect for carrying small change and memories.

Handsewn into this musette is a tweet from @Jeff_Bath: "The @CityofEdmonton is hard at work this morning removing #yegbike lanes on 95 Ave #brutal" This is a reminder of the machinery of winners-and-losers democracy.

New for the city  
The EBL protest musette is a vibrant addition to the Edmonton urban fashionscape in 1975, I mean, 2015. We think all those city aldermen whose names no one can remember would approve.


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  2. For safety purposes, high visibility Safety vest and Reflective tape are going to make you far more visible.


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